The Story of Us | Part 3

Ever since the first kiss, we were inseparable and quickly discovered that we loved to do a lot of the same things. Movie marathons with homemade popcorn. Board games. Talking at coffee shops. Eating ice cream. Truth is, pretty much everything. Best of all, Ashley had 3 kitties that took to Troy right away and we were instantly this little family. Being that Troy decided to join the cheer team he would come to St. Cloud multiple times a week or just stay a few days with Ashley and her roommates and we all had such a great time together (oh the good old days)!

It wasn’t until late November that year (Thanksgiving to be exact) that we finally had “the talk” — you know, the “are we boyfriend/girlfriend” talk. Let’s be honest, it was obvious that we were. Maybe that’s why we never felt the need to have the talk? Anyway, Troy came over to spend Thanksgiving with Ashley’s family. When he arrived we decided to hang out and watch movies with Ashley’s sister, Nicole. We have no idea what we watched that day but we do know that we would be forced to make it official that afternoon. While snuggling together on the futon, Nicole looked at us and blurts out, “So, are you guys boyfriend/girlfriend or what?” No one moved. We both looked at each other, not sure what the other person was going to say. And we can’t tell you which one of us answered first that day but the answer was a definite “yes.”

Before we knew it, our final NCA Collegiate Cheer & Dance National Championships was upon us. It was so bittersweet. Four years of practicing and competing, long nights and full weekends. And just like that, it was all about to end. The spring of 2005, St. Cloud State placed 3rd in our division. 3rd!! From Mankato not competing the year before and St. Cloud placing 8th, to both of us being on the team that placed in the top three. What an incredible thing to be able to experience together.

As the competition came to a close, we spent the last day on the lawn of the Adam’s Mark hotel at stuntfest, the same place we saw each other for the very first time. The ugly Hawaiian flowered swimsuit. The bleach blonde hair. The stunt gloves. As if everything was coming full circle. Want to know the best part? Even though cheerleading was coming to an end, our life together was just beginning.

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