Story of Us | Part 5

We’re engaged!! Cue all the confetti! What do most couples do after they get engaged? Get their engagement photos taken of course! And we had so much fun that we did it twice!

At the time, Ashley worked at a local photo studio so we decided to do some indoor portraits there. Let’s just say that we were given some really interesting ways to pose. We decided to spare you and only share the super creative “Troy down on one knee” pose. You’ll definitely thank us later.

For our outdoor photos we waited until January 2006 and spent a super fun afternoon with Jesse Valley Photography exploring a park in Burnsville and then heading into the nearest Caribou Coffee to warm up. Winter in Minnesota is brutal in case you didn’t know!

Below are some of our favorites from our sessions!
Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1025Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1031Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1026Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1030Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1029Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1028Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1027Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1022Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1023Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1021Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1017Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1020Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1018Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1015Yantes Photo_Story of Us_1014

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