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Happy New Year, friends! Can you believe it’s 2016? We sure can’t. We are so excited for what this year has in store! It’s going to be so much fun sharing all the images with you that we have been keeping to ourselves (and our clients) for so long! Cue confetti!! And the trumpets (there must be trumpets, right?)!

Before we get to all the pretty, we wanted to make sure to say THANK YOU. In 2015 we were blessed with the most amazing couples who are so kind, genuine and joyful. And a whole lot of fun! All of our #ypbrides and #ypgrooms have become so much more to us than clients. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We love each and every one of you more than we can put into words!

This post was a lot harder to prepare than we originally anticipated (and we thought the engagement one was hard). Just wait until you see these couples! They are all so beautiful, vibrant and joyful! We know we already used that word once in this post but it’s so true! Their smiles just jump off the screen and we felt like we were right back at their wedding. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes because we can’t believe that this is real life! We get the honor of being invited into each of these wedding days to capture the most precious memories. And we are SO thankful.

Ok, we just can’t wait any longer. Here they are — our favorite wedding images of the year! Enjoy!!

2015-12-31_00172015-12-31_00582015-12-31_00282015-12-31_00532015-12-31_00102015-12-31_00862015-12-31_00732015-12-31_01372015-12-31_0087 2015-12-31_00192015-12-31_00892015-12-31_00232015-12-31_00472015-12-31_00932015-12-31_00242015-12-31_00942015-12-31_00592015-12-31_01002015-12-31_0048View More: More:

2015-12-31_0162View More:



2015-12-31_0107View More: 2015-12-31_0157 2015-12-31_00792015-12-31_01032015-12-31_00652015-12-31_0173 2015-12-31_01092015-12-31_00412015-12-31_01082015-12-31_00332015-12-31_01512015-12-31_00152015-12-31_01112015-12-31_00142015-12-31_01652015-12-31_01482015-12-31_00212015-12-31_01122015-12-31_01452015-12-31_00132015-12-31_01152015-12-31_01492015-12-31_00372015-12-31_01162015-12-31_00382015-12-31_01692015-12-31_01362015-12-31_00362015-12-31_01582015-12-31_01592015-12-31_00502015-12-31_01172015-12-31_00542015-12-31_01742015-12-31_01392015-12-31_01132015-12-31_00252015-12-31_01212015-12-31_01202015-12-31_00552015-12-31_01182015-12-31_01712015-12-31_00302015-12-31_01192015-12-31_01542015-12-31_00162015-12-31_01232015-12-31_00972015-12-31_00342015-12-31_01612015-12-31_01262015-12-31_00702015-12-31_01252015-12-31_01352015-12-31_00802015-12-31_01272015-12-31_00622015-12-31_01242015-12-31_00572015-12-31_01302015-12-31_00122015-12-31_01282015-12-31_00112015-12-31_01432015-12-31_00272015-12-31_01312015-12-31_01632015-12-31_00222015-12-31_01462015-12-31_00962015-12-31_00772015-12-31_01382015-12-31_00742015-12-31_01322015-12-31_00822015-12-31_01672015-12-31_01332015-12-31_00322015-12-31_00882015-12-31_01722015-12-31_00782015-12-31_01342015-12-31_00922015-12-31_01682015-12-31_01142015-12-31_01292015-12-31_00402015-12-31_01402015-12-31_01052015-12-31_0175


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