//  Competing for a National Cheerleading Championship in Daytona Beach.

//  Pulling all the shots (of the espresso variety).

//  Living the ad agency life (what I thought was my dream job turned into more late nights than I can count, and kept me away from the ones I love most)

Hey, there!

I’m Ashley Yantes 

A Minnesota photographer, mama and award-winning hugger (I have the trophy to prove it).


Not that long ago you could have found me:

//  In my favorite yoga pants, lungo espresso in hand, working at our kitchen table with a little boy on my lap who insists on covering my keyboard with cracker crumbs. 

// Between photography sessions and editing, we may or may not be watching the Harry Potter series for the 100th time, singing all the songs from High School Musical, or spending too long trying to decide what to eat for dinner before we get too hungry (let’s just say we go through a lot of cereal).

Today you can find me:

Truth be told, I never wanted to be a portrait photographer. You see, I was a very shy, soft-spoken girl. I was the girl who tried out for cheerleading every year but always made sure I was in the back row during tryouts to avoid attention. I wanted to be a photojournalist, off in the background capturing images as they happen without anyone ever knowing I was there. I was safe that way. 

Fast forward to 2007 — a seasoned cheerleader who taught youth summer camps (I finally got noticed after all), married to my college stunt partner, Troy, and still not sure how I was going to incorporate photography into my life. That summer, a friend asked me to photograph her wedding. I thought back to our own wedding photography experience and how much fun we had with the husband and wife photography team we hired. Maybe, just maybe, if Troy did it with me I would enjoy it. Armed with my first DSLR, and one borrowed from my dad, we shot our first wedding that October.

 And turns out — we loved it.

My organized, methodical, artistic side meshed perfectly with Troy’s outgoing, silly sense of humor and ability to wrangle even the largest wedding party, knowing everyone by name at lightning speed. So, in October 2007, Yantes Photo was born. 

My husband Troy, is my business partner and best friend — and together, we love serving the needs of our clients and their families! We find such purpose in helping our clients feel comfortable with us and their wedding plans, allowing them to step back and be present on their wedding day. Many of our clients become fast friends, we love the relationships that we develop with them, and being able to see their lives transform through the years from both behind the camera and alongside them. 

This is Troy

Photographer, dad, master builder.

There is no project too big for Troy. He can often be found planning house projects or furniture he wants to build. I am always completely amazed at how his brain works — he can think of an idea, buy the supplies and then he just builds. It truly is amazing.

Lover of zip-ups, video games, black coffee and a true ice cream-aholic. Troy was meant to be a dad. Watching him with our son and listening to them laugh together is truly the best.

Troy is a banker by day and a photographer by weekend. He will know the names of everyone in your wedding party before your first look and has a knack for making those around him feel comfortable. We take turns leading throughout the wedding day and we truly are the perfect team!

//  Banker by day, photographer by weekend. Best husband and dad...always. 

//  Never says no to ice cream
or black coffee.

// Constantly thinking and dreaming up his next house project.

the fast facts

Troy and I met in college as competitive cheerleaders. We met our freshman year as rivals and we immediately didn’t like each other (he hated my swimsuit, I hated his hair). It only took three more years of almost meeting before we were properly introduced and have been inseparable ever since.


This is our love story - did I mention it's my favorite love story?

Our story

We dated for only a month before we knew that this was forever. Almost two years of dating later we got married. We spent the night talking to just about everyone at our reception, so much so that we forgot to spend much time dancing! At the end of the night, we were so thankful for the perfect day we were given. 


I graduated with a degree in photojournalism but ultimately decided not to pursue that route for my career. Instead, I decided to go into graphic design. After working in the profession for a year, my love for photography was still strong but I wasn’t sure how to work that into my life. A coworker asked me to photograph her wedding in the fall of 2007 and it turns out, I loved it.


For 12 years we have worked day jobs while pursuing our love for photography nights and weekends. It was the perfect balance for us. We were able to do something we loved without the stress of being a full time entrepreneur. The people we’ve met, the relationships we’ve built and everything we’ve learned have all been because of a business that never felt like work!


In 2017 we welcomed our son Logan into the world and our lives have forever changed. He has given us a whole new perspective on life, photography and the meaning of capturing moments you want to remember. I can no longer photograph a mother/son dance without getting tears in my eyes, knowing that one day that will be me with my son. 


On our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2016, we renewed our vows at The Cottage Farmhouse. With our immediate family and closest friends by our side, we exchanged vows we wrote together—promised to be each other's relentless cheerleaders and very best friends, no matter what happens. We promised to choose one other, every day. When life seems easy and when it seems hard. Because we believe in marriage and we believe in each other. And we believe the best is yet to come.


In 2019 it was time for a change. What I thought was my dream job turned into more late nights then I can count and it was taking me away from the people I loved most. Motherhood changed me in a way I wasn’t ready for. Before Logan, I said I never wanted to stay home with my children. After him, that’s all I wanted. On July 19, 2019, Logan’s second birthday, I spent my last day at the ad agency. If being an entrepreneur meant I got to spend my days with my son, that is a life I was ready to live.



Today, you can find me at home with Logan, building our business while still getting a chance to design. Troy is a banker by day and photographer by weekend. We love nothing more than being able to be home together as a family, watching our baby turn into such a sweet little boy who makes us laugh more than we ever thought possible. He is the piece we never knew was missing! 

a few of my favorite titles


I am blessed to have had the opportunity to capture moments that will be left behind for generations to discover and love.



A title I had no idea how much I wanted. Even though Logan said 'Dad' first, this is the title I am most proud of.



Married to my college cheerleading stunt partner since 2006 - we are cheerleaders in life and in love.



Only “Ash” to Troy and a few close family and friends, it’s a title reserved for those who have known me the longest.



Anyone-want-a-coffee? I will literally never pass up an opportunity for coffee.


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