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Hello there! We hope that you had an absolutely amazing Christmas, relaxing and spending time with those you love. We sure did! Although our trip was short, it did not disappoint with another epic Ohio game night in the books. We can’t remember the last time we laughed that hard! If you haven’t played (or even heard of for that matter) Quelf, click this link and buy it immediately. We promise you won’t regret it!

As 2015 comes to a close, we are so excited that we finally have a place to share our year-end highlights! We have so many images that we have never shared with anyone (other than our clients, or course) are we are just jumping for joy over here at the opportunity to compile some of our favorite and best work to share with you now!!! Eek!!

We’re not going to lie — this post was hard. But friends it was oh so much fun! Going through hundreds of images of some of our most favorite people in the world, whom we just adore. We are so thankful for these sweet friends!

We are so excited for you to see these!!


Yantes Photo Saint Anthony Main Engagement Session2015-12-30_0052



View More: More: Photo Stone Arch Bridge Engagement Session2015-12-30_0074View More: More: 2015-12-30_00512015-12-30_00632015-12-30_00452015-12-30_00652015-12-30_00322015-12-30_0018 2015-12-30_0064

2015-12-30_00502015-12-30_0061 2015-12-30_0059View More: More: 2015-12-30_0048


2015-12-30_00602015-12-30_00272015-12-30_00152015-12-30_00212015-12-30_00172015-12-30_0038Yantes Photo Centennial Lakes Engagment Session 2015-12-30_00282015-12-30_0030Yantes Photo Lakefront Park Engagement Session

View More: Anthony Main Engagement Session2015-12-30_0023

2015-12-30_00682015-12-30_0087Yantes Photo Loring Pasta Bar Engagement2015-12-30_00582015-12-30_00312015-12-30_0089Yantes Photo Loring Pasta Bar Engagement Session2015-12-30_00832015-12-30_00822015-12-30_0084Yantes Photo Lakefront Park Engagement Session2015-12-30_0046Engagement2015-12-30_00362015-12-30_0029 2015-12-30_00402015-12-30_0020




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