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In his not-so-tailored black tuxedo, Troy waited patiently at the alter for Ashley to come down the aisle behind him. For his fiancé to tap him on the shoulder so he could see her for the very first time — as his bride. As soon as we saw each other the nervous butterflies melted away and we couldn’t help […]

We’re engaged!! Cue all the confetti! What do most couples do after they get engaged? Get their engagement photos taken of course! And we had so much fun that we did it twice! At the time, Ashley worked at a local photo studio so we decided to do some indoor portraits there. Let’s just say […]

Being wedding photographers, we hear a lot of engagement stories. Like, a lot. Some involve elaborate scavenger hunts through the city with the groom-to-be waiting at the last location. Some involve a romantic walk on the beach at sunset. And some even involve fireworks (yes, real fireworks)! This story on the other hand, is not […]

Ever since the first kiss, we were inseparable and quickly discovered that we loved to do a lot of the same things. Movie marathons with homemade popcorn. Board games. Talking at coffee shops. Eating ice cream. Truth is, pretty much everything. Best of all, Ashley had 3 kitties that took to Troy right away and […]

It had been two years since we saw each other at The NCA Collegiate Cheer & Dance National Championships. Two more cheerleading seasons and two more years of college. It’s really funny how the world works. Over those next two years we would be so close to each other, in the same place at the same time, […]