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Welcome to the very first post in our new Vendor Spotlight series! Minneapolis has so much to offer newly engaged couples in every area of wedding planning and we are so excited to highlight the best of the best. Preparing for this series, we have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of amazing people in the wedding industry. Some we have already had a chance to work with and some we are counting down the days! We’ve made some great new friends and our hearts are so full!


First up, the Machine Shop — a brand new, historic venue in the heart of the St. Anthony Main neighborhood in Minneapolis. Machine Shop will be the first of it’s kind in the Twin Cities; historic, luxurious, airy and bright. Built in 1916, the Machine Shop was originally part of the Pillsbury Mills, which was at one time the largest mill in the world. Over the years it was used for a variety of different storage purposes but in recent years has remained empty. This has kept the historical integrity of the space intact.


During restoration, many of the original architectural details were kept to highlight the venue’s historical background. The introduction of modern luxury in this industrial space and the neutral pallet yet upscale finishes on the historic structure allow Machine Shop’s clients to explore their own aesthetic without reinventing the space. With floor to ceiling windows on both floors, the team knew this space would be a perfect asset to the event scene in Minneapolis. Machine Shop is going to change the game for Minneapolis weddings — and is now officially open!!


This summer will be the inaugural wedding season at Machine Shop! Cue all the confetti! We asked them a few questions about this spectacular venue to help give you a little more insight on what they have to offer.


YP: Tell us a little about your wedding experience.
MS: We have a seasoned crew with years of planning extraordinary events under our belts. We truly love when individuals let their personalities, tastes and personal traditions dictate the day.


YP: How far out should a bride pay a deposit to secure your venue for her wedding day?
MS: Since we’re the new kid on the block, we still have some availability for fall of 2016 and spring 2017.  We welcome all, in whatever stage of the planning process.


YP: What is included when a couple books the Machine Shop for their wedding?
MS: Tables and chairs for up to 300, cocktail tables, three mobile bars and staff to accompany them, lounge furniture, two dressing rooms, in-house sound, dynamic lighting and security.


YP: How do you help couples customize their wedding?
MS: Conversations with potential clients usually lead to general brainstorming regarding their wedding. As we know the space intimately, it’s pure fun for us to dream up unique uses for it.


YP: How many guests can you accommodate?
MS: Our pricing and inventory is set up for events up to 300; capacity for a cocktail style event is 900.  As the space is incredibly flexible and set up for optimal flow, there is opportunity for groups from 20-900.


YP: What’s one interesting fact about the Machine Shop?
MS: Just one?! We can’t escape the detail that we’re re-opening the space with this joyful purpose on it’s 100th year.


We are beyond excited for the opening of this gorgeous new industrial venue! This space has totally exceeded our expectations; every pretty little detail. It has quickly become one of our favorite venues and we can’t wait to capture wedding memories for some very special Minneapolis couples. Just wait until you see it— you will be just as excited as we are! Congratulations Machine Shop on a job VERY well done!!
Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0931Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0024Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0908Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0911Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0020Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0935Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0922
Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0899Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0916Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0902Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0917Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0928Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0008Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0934Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0924Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0009Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0914Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0010Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0036Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0894Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0903Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0913

Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0921

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Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0896Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0897Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0030Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0907Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0027Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0919Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0043Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0042Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0930Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0029Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0006Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0927
Yantes Photo_Machine Shop Minneapolis_Photos_0900Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0023 Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0004Machine Shop Minneapolis Wedding Photos_0026

with love ashley and troy

The Creative Team

Venue: Machine Shop • Bride’s Dress Store: White Room • Bridal Bouquet: Maven • Bridal Jewelry: Goldfine Jewelry, JB Hudson • Event Lighting: Phos • Event Floral: Josh Samples • Furniture Rental: BeThings, Fab Furniture Rental, On Solid Ground • Hair: Julie Rose, Nivala Salon Suites • Linens: Linen Effects • Makeup: Lady Vamp Artistry • Venue Lighting: Fixt Electric Co.


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