Machine Shop Anniversary Session

Brittany and Titus were married in 2012 and we were so honored to capture their day. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been in each other’s lives for almost a decade now! They have quickly become part of our family and we are SO EXCITED for the day in the not-so-distant future where we get to call them our neighbors!! 2017 is going to be a great year!

We spent the afternoon shooting at one of the newest and brightest venues in the Twin Cities – the Machine Shop! There is a good chance we are in love! The Machine Shop was built in 1916 as a part of the Pillsbury Mills, which was at one time the largest mill in the world. The facility was used for a few different storage purposes over the years, but has mainly been empty in recent times. Currently under construction, the Machine Shop plans to open it’s doors this July and is now accepting tours for weddings and events in the fall of 2016 and beyond! This place is a must see!

This anniversary session was shot in two parts. The first — a traditional couples session where we photographed them loving on each other in this amazing space. The second — well, you will just have to wait and see! We can’t even tell you how much fun we had with this second portion and are pumped to share it with you! Next time you see us, make sure to ask us about the hazards of photographing in a construction zone. No one was harmed in the making of these photographs, but we now have a story to tell that will ultimately make us laugh until we cry (one day). Thank you Brittany and Titus for allowing us to capture this time in your life and for being amazing friends! We love you!

Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0466Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0467Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0469Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0470Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0471Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0468Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0472Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0473Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0474Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0475Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0476Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0477Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0478Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0479Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0480Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0481Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0482Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0483Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0486Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0485Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0487Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0488Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0490Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0491Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0489Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0492

Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0524

Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0493Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0494Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0497Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0495Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0496Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0499Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0501Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0504Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0503Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0500Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0502Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0505Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0506Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0507Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0510Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0508Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0511Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0513Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0512Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0514Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0515Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0516Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0519Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0520Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0523Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0522Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0517Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0527Yantes Photo_Machine Shop_Engagement_2016_0526

with love ashley and troy


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